Need to rehome your pet?

Check out these resources!

Our organization's mission statement is not set up to accept owner surrenders or stray animals. It is very rare that we are able to help with surrendered pets, as we exist primarily to help pets facing imminent or potential euthanasia in shelters, facilities, and institutions. However, we have LOTS of great resources listed below for you. 🙂

➡️ While we are not set up to accept owner surrenders, once in a blue moon, we may have a spot available. Those spots are almost always reserved for small breed seniors, as this is our area of specialization. If you feel your pet may fit this criteria, please message us on our Contact page.

➡️ We are likely unable to accept your pet, however, there are MANY other rescue organizations that can! We suggest going to Petfinder, and searching for your breed of pet using the zip code finder. Then, contact the organization that has that pet, and ask for help.

➡️ List your pet on a third party rehoming site. We are including a list for you here, that is easy to find/use, and that we know is a source of legitimate, safe, options for you to find a home for your pet. This way, unlike when you surrender to a shelter or rescue, you have complete control over what family gets your pet. We suggest the following groups:

🌟 Adopt-a-Pet

🌟 Home to Home


If you still have questions, or would like us to "courtesy list" your pet on our website, and if your pet is spayed/neutered and current on medical care, please message us! If your pet is in need of medical care, please check out our "Resources" tab for low cost spay/neuter vouchers and free microchips.