Help us save more lives.

The best way to help our live saving mission is to consider a tax deductible donation to our organization. 100% of donated funds directly goes to helping us save the most vulnerable shelter pets. We would be so grateful for your support!

About adopting

We ask for a minimum donation of $250 to adopt a dog and $100 to adopt a cat, regardless of age, breed, gender, or popularity. Pocket pets and livestock vary depending on the animal. Interstate transport options are available, for an additional fee.

Healthy adult dogs receive around $450 in care and supplies, and that cost increases depending on what health issues the dog may have. The $250 fee only covers a portion of the costs it takes to rescue a shelter pet, but we believe in making adoptions as affordable as possible. Please see what all is included with each $250 adoption below.

With your donation, your future rescue pet will be fully vetted and have all vaccinations and medical testing that are considered age appropriate. After the adoption, any remaining veterinary care will be the adopter’s responsibility. If your pet is old enough, it will be:

  •  Spayed or neutered (must be done before 20 weeks of age).
  • Microchipped.
  • Current on the following vaccines: rabies (after 12 weeks old), leptovirus (after 12 weeks old), bordetella, distemper and parvovirus (after 6 week old).
  • Heartworm tested and current on monthly heartworm prevention. If the dog tested heartworm positive, they will be current on treatment, and that treatment cost will be covered with the vet of our choice until completion, unless the adopter chooses to sponsor that cost independently.
  • Flea free and on monthly flea prevention.
  • Dewormed and fecal tested.
  • All additional medical care after the date of adoption (unless it is a puppy spay/neuter or heartworm treament) will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.

All of our rescue pets live in foster homes. Foster parents find out what the animals like or dislike, what type of family structure would serve them best, and which home environment would allow them to flourish. Because we have this information, Long Way Home Adoptables does not employ a “first come, first served” approach. We evaluate all approved applications based on what would be the perfect home for each particular animal based on their own unique personalities and needs.

We are pleased you have chosen to adopt your next companion animal and honored that you have selected a Long Way Home Adoptables rescue to become part of your family. Our organization runs almost entirely on dedicated volunteers who often have families and pets and work full time jobs, so your patience during this process is appreciated!