BCS Spay Neuter Program for Outdoor Cats

If you answer yes to all the questions below, you may qualify for the BCS Spay Neuter Voucher Program.

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You Qualify!

If you are a City of Bryan resident, you may qualify for the BCS Spay Neuter Voucher Program! If you are looking for help with a feral cat, this group is considered the experts in TNR (Trap Neuter Release). They can even loan you a trap, or for senior citizens, they may qualify for trappers to come out personally. Visit their website for more information, or if you don't qualify for this program, check out other options below.

  • Do you live in Bryan, Texas?

    Yes, I am a City of Bryan Resident.

  • Does this cat live exclusively outdoors?

    Yes, this is a cat that does not live inside.

  • Can you assure this is not your personal pet?

    Yes, this is community cat, barn cat, or feral cat.

For more information...

If you believe you qualify for this program, click the button for more information. If this program isn't a match for your situation, please see additional options below.