Bryan Animal Center Vouchers

If you answer yes to the questions below, you may qualify for assistance through the City of Bryan's animal shelter.

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You Qualify!

If you live in the city of Bryan, and this is your personal pet, you qualify for their low cost spay/neuter program! Their program is open to all Bryan residents, regardless of income level and financial backgrounds. Surgeries are $75, and you must contact them by phone or in person. However, if you live outside of Bryan, have an indoor/outdoor cat, or need help with a feral, you will need to choose another program below.

  • Do you live in Bryan?

    Are you a resident of Bryan, Texas?

  • Do you own the pet?

    Yes, I am the pet's owner.

  • If this is a cat, does the cat live strictly indoors?

    Yes, my cat is NOT an indoor/outdoor cat.

For more information...

If you believe you qualify for this program, you must contact the Bryan Animal Center in person or by phone. If this program isn't a match for your situation, please see additional options below.