Check out the answers to the most common questions about fostering for our organization!

I have filled out my foster application. Now, what?

Just sit tight! We will get with you as soon as we can about your application! 🙂

I submitted my foster application. When can I come get my foster?

Submitting an application does not guarantee that your foster application will be approved. Applications must first be approved by evaluating answers and checking references.

Do I have to be local to foster for Long Way Home Adoptables?

While fosters are not REQUIRED to be local to College Station, Texas, it is highly recommended. In the event that emergency veterinary care is required, fosters must be within a reasonable distance from pre-approved veterinary services.

Additionally, we prefer fosters that may attend local events, and fosters must be willing to bring their fosters to our clinics or transport pick ups in College Station, Hearne, Tomball, Waco, Leander, La Grange, or Spring.

My foster application has been approved. Does this mean I can foster the pet now?

Unfortunately, sometimes we have multiple approved applications on a rescue animal, therefore we have to turn away very worthy foster homes.

However, approved fosters will be put in our private Facebook group to be called upon for a dog that better matches their home environment. Or, if at any time you see a posting for a foster needed that you may be able to help, just contact the foster coordinator!

What happens if I take a foster pet into the home, and it does not go well?

If, for any reason the fosters cannot keep their rescue pet, fosters are required to return them to our rescue so we may place that pet into a different foster home. However, it may take a couple of days to make arrangements for a new home.

What do I do if I have to leave town and I have  a foster pet?

Fosters are responsible for making temporary foster arrangements or fosters may pay for temporary boarding at one of our clinics. Often, foster families know each other well, and can easily ask another foster home to help out temporarily.

I think I found the perfect home for my foster pet. Can I make those arrangements?

While we welcome and encourage foster feedback regarding potential forever homes, adoption decisions will be made by the Long Way Home Adoptables director. If you think you found a potential forever family for your foster, please have them fill out an adoption application on our website as soon as possible, so we may process it!

What happens if I fall in love with my foster, and I would be heartbroken if it got adopted. Will I be able to adopt?

Yes!! In fact, foster parents get the first right of refusal. Meaning, at any point during the adoption or fostering process, foster parents reserve the right to adopt and are given priority. Foster homes are considered pre-approved  and will be given an expedited adoption.

However, once a foster has been made aware that their foster has a pending adoption, that opportunity has unfortunately passed. We strongly encourage you to speak up the moment you think you want to adopt. If you wait too long, an application could be approved at any moment and you might miss out on the chance at keeping your foster.

What does it cost to foster for Long Way Home Adoptables?

Nothing! Of course, we would love if you sponsored items like dog food and treats, as it means those funds can be used to help another rescue pet. However, we provide all materials and cover all costs such as veterinary care for the foster, food, treats, bed, toys, crate, etc.

*NOTE: Long Way Home Adoptables will cover all pet related expenses, but not expenses like pet deposits.

What happens if a foster pet becomes destructive in my home?

We run exclusively on public donations, so unfortunately, we are only able to cover expenses related to pet care. Fosters assume all risk and liability for chewed furniture, cat scratches, personal veterinary bills, etc.

We are a great resource! If your foster cat is starting to scratch you or your foster dog is not potty trained, please reach out to us so we may help you fix those behaviors.


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