Found a stray animal?

Check out these tips!

If you have found a stray animal, thank you for stepping up to help this pet in need! The primary goal should be to help reunite the pet with its owners, as you would hope someone would do for your pet if they got lost.

It is important to note a couple of things. First, in many states such as Texas, pets are considered property. Attempts to keep someone's pet or rehome them without their permission, may result in criminal charges. It is important that all attempts to locate an owner are made. Second, if you suspect animal cruelty or neglect, immediately contact your closest animal shelter or animal control, so they can take legal action if appropriate. Third, we are a foster based animal rescue, not a municipal shelter, so we cannot take possession of a pet until all attempts to locate an owner have been made.

While our organization prioritizes helping shelter pets above other cases, so here are some ways you can get help for a stray pet:


✅ Take them to the nearest vet clinic, shelter, or pet store, so they can scan the pet for a microchip. This is the single best way of getting a pet back home. Hopefully, there is an owner listed!

✅ Post on the NextDoor app, as most strays are picked up close to home.

✅ Most counties/cities have Lost and Found social media pages, where you can post for help.

✅ Call your local shelter and file a "found report", in the event the owner comes in looking for them.

✅ If you have tried all these, or can no longer keep the pet, please contact your local animal control, so the pet does not have to be turned loose.