2023 Fall Online Pawction!

It's that time again! Every year, supporters all over the country donate items for our semi-annual online auction. Right now, we are collecting those items and would appreciate your support. Our goal is to have all forms completed by August 18th. Thank you!!


  • Need to re-gift something?
  • Have gift certificates you will never use?
  • Want to promote your store or boutique and put together a basket?
  • Have left over garage sale items?
  • Have a really unique piece that would be eye-catching for bidders?
  • Are you a crafter that can donate a few pieces?
  • Looking to re-home some home decor?
  • Spring cleaning gone wild?


No item is too big, no donation too small. And don't let geography stop you!! People will be bidding all over the country, and you never know who might be in your area wanting that gift certificate! 🙂


Past years have seen custom woodwork, quilts, pet supplies, jewelry, clothing, artwork, puzzles, donated services and more!


The more items we secure, the more funds we can raise, the more lives we can save! Fill out the form for your items below. Thank you!


Auction Items